With Artful, you're not just building lifelong memories; you can also build your art collection. Whether you've been collecting for years or are just starting out, Artful Advisory® can help guide you through every aspect of acquiring exquisite works of art and maximizing your investment opportunities.

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Image: Rita Ackermann at Hauser & Wirth Los Angeles, Photo by Lila Seeley.

One of Artful's founding principles is making art more accessible, and this also pertains to the opaque world of art collecting. Artful values your relationship and offers our Artful Jaunt customers the kind of world-class advice and access that is typically reserved for veteran collectors. Our advisors are excited to meet you at galleries, research and prepare a bid for an auction, or tour an art fair with you. Simply put, they want to partner with you to find the pieces that speak to you.


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