Let us introduce you to the newest in contemporary art and significant works by old masters.

Let us educate you with the knowledge of art experts.

Let us delight you with luxurious accommodations and fine dining.

Let us help you use your love of art to make a difference in the world.

A unique blend of art, travel, and philanthropy

Unique Itineraries

Unique itineraries

Artful curates 3 and 7 day small group jaunts to some of the best art destinations in the world. Museums, collector's homes, art fairs, galleries, artists' studios—you'll experience them with the direction of an expert. 

Enriching Experiences

Enriching experiences

Artful Jaunts unlock some of the most exciting experiences the art world has to offer, with behind-the-scenes access to special pieces and people, coupled with luxurious accommodations and fine dining.

Unprecedented Access

Impactful giving

We are proud to make donations to our museum partners. A significant portion of the proceeds from any art purchased on one of our Artful Jaunts goes to art- and sustainability-related nonprofits. 

All Artful Jaunts include the following benefits:

  • Museum and gallery tours led by our knowledgeable Art Educators
  • Expert guests, from museum curators to auction specialists
  • Private visits to artists' studios and collectors' homes
  • Small groups to enhance the experience
  • Behind-the-scenes experiences and special access
  • Unique dining - James Beard Award winners and farm-to-table gems
  • Luxury accommodations and transportation
  • Advice and negotiation for art purchases
Credit: Photo by Lila Seeley

Artful is built on an knowledgeable and dependable team

Meet Our Team

“A better understanding”

Part of the reason that I love to travel is because I love to be exposed to new cultures and concepts. On this trip, I derived a better understanding of how art, museums, curators, philanthropists, art foundations, and art educational institutions can enrich the fabric of one's environment and help to build a collaborative community.


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