About Artful

Artful offers our clients small-group experiences, limited to ten people, with a focus on unique opportunities in the art world. Our aim is to visit both an artist studio and a collector's home on every trip, along with influential  galleries and topical museum exhibitions. Our travelers will enjoy dining and accommodations on par with the high quality of the art we feature. Equally as important to Artful are the educational and philanthropic elements of our journeys; as they explore, our travelers will learn about the art world and have the opportunity to support some of its key charitable initiatives.

Our mission: To educate and delight art lovers through sustainable travel and philanthropy. Our vision: A world where anyone can have access to the best art experiences while supporting local and sustainable art and travel organizations.

"Success is creating the next generation of passionate art and travel lovers."—Tobias W. Welo, Artful CEO and Founder

Tobias W. Welo
CEO & Founder
Matthew Israel
Chief Curator
Jahna Vaughan
Event Director
Karen Rosenberg
Editorial Director
Denise Bafti
Office Manager
Kristin Welo
Community Relations Director
Gisela Gueiros
Art Educator
Lauren Kaplan
Art Educator