Graylin Harrison

Experience Director

Graylin has been devoted to the study of art and culture since her very first course as an undergraduate, a survey of European modernism. She is now completing a doctoral degree in art history at Stanford University with a dissertation examining funerary art and death culture in southern Italy. Graylin was a Samuel H. Kress Institutional Fellow at Rome's Bibliotheca Hertziana, a two-year residency during which she was fortunate to travel extensively throughout the Italian peninsula—delighting in its exquisite wine, art, and landscape. In addition to the Kress Foundation, her research has been supported by the Josephine Dekarman Fellowship Trust, the Italian Art Society, and the Renaissance Society of America, among others. While her academic work considers the Renaissance-Baroque period, she has a deep love for early twentieth-century abstraction and contemporary figuration. To Artful Graylin brings a history of academic study of the arts and an eagerness to help others engage more meaningfully with art of all mediums and eras.

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