Impact is a central tenet to Artful. For every artwork purchased on our trips, we return a third of our proceeds from the sale to carefully selected charities.

We call this cycle Artful Impact.

The Artful Impact Fund is proud to have supported the following nonprofits:


VIA Art Fund
Barnes Foundation
Philadelphia Mural Arts Advocates
The Seattle Art Museum
The Nelson-Atkins Museum

Giving back to the arts
through charitable partnerships

Artful Impact Fund, a Donor Advised Fund of the Boston Foundation, was established with the intention of nurturing artists' work, financing public art, supporting arts education, and promoting other current social issues, like inclusion and sustainability, which are frequently addressed in contemporary art. The currently recommended charities, including VIA Art Fund, Artadia, Mural Arts Philadelphia, and, are excellent examples of our mission.

Artful Impact - Giving Back to Artists

Founded in 2013, VIA Art Fund is a nonprofit organization where art patrons join forces to support (V)isionary (I)nitiatives in (A)rt. VIA partners directly with artists, curators, and cultural institutions around the world to sponsor various innovative public artistic endeavors—including the production of new work for exhibition, institutional acquisition, symposia, educational programs, publications, and scholarly journals. Since its inception, VIA has awarded over $4 million in grants to a growing number of groundbreaking artists and leading cultural institutions.

If you are an arts- or travel-related nonprofit and interested in collaborating with Artful, please contact Kristin Welo.

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Responsible business practices

In addition to offering our customers the opportunity to offset their jaunt's carbon footprint by donating to when booking a trip, Artful has also become a partner with What that means is that Artful Jaunts offsets its entire carbon footprint as a company and business operating as a tour operator. We love travel and the environment and seek to be a responsible leader in both.

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