The Major Art Event in the Americas

Art Basel in Miami Beach is unquestionably the most important art world event in the Americas. This is your opportunity to be at the center of this multifaceted spectacle, with an expert to help guide you through the endless array of events and programming to focus on the best possible, from curated experiences of the major fairs to exclusive behind-the-scenes opportunities, such as visits to collector homes.

While the centerpiece of the trip will be Art Basel, you will also attend other significant fairs such as NADA and Untitled, which cater to more emerging galleries and artists, as well as lunches, cocktails, and dinners with some of the fascinating luminaries Art Basel attracts, including artists, curators, collectors, and museum directors.

At a glance
  • A tour of Art Basel Miami Beach in the company of an expert Art Educator
  • Curated visits to all of the essential fairs
  • Opportunities to hear from influential gallery directors
  • Visits to the homes of significant Miami collectors
  • Expert advice on any potential art purchases
  • Luxury accommodations and fine dining

Art Basel in Miami Beach

  • Leadership by an experienced Art Educator, a dynamic and highly-educated expert in art history, contemporary art education, and art collecting
  • Luxury accommodations at a five-star hotel
  • Fine dining and cocktails at exciting, art-connected Miami dining destinations
  • Kickoff summit, providing an overview of "Art Week Miami" and what will be seen
  • Curated visits to fairs, such as Art Basel, NADA, and Untitled, to show the span of work on view and spotlight emerging artists and galleries, with opportunities to hear from gallery directors
  • Exclusive visits to the homes of major collectors 
  • Lunches, cocktails, and dinners with art world leaders, such as auction house specialists, curators, and artists, among others
  • An expert Artful Advisory team to help guide any interest you may have in purchasing works
  • The Artful digital dossier, supplementing your trip, with information about all artists, venues, and individuals visited as well as expert tools and recommendations for further research, travel and collecting

I like art but am not an expert. Will this trip be right for me?

Absolutely. Artful Jaunts are tailored to every level of aficionado—from expert collectors to those just starting out, there's something for everyone.

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