Luxury travel tailored just for you

In addition to our advertised jaunts, we are available to create custom contemporary art-focused trips for families, friends, or corporate teams. Pricing is similar to all Artful Jaunts experiences and can be to the same destinations as our pre-set Jaunts, or those of your choosing. The destinations we're excited to plan trips for include Europe, Los Angeles, Chicago, Detroit, Cleveland, Pittsburgh, Montreal, Mexico City, Berlin, Hong Kong, and Tokyo (including Naoshima Island).  

  • Artful will design a trip specifically for your group to experience the art location(s) of your choosing in the company of one of our experienced Art Educators
  • Each trip includes luxury accommodations and fine dining
  • Enjoy behind-the-scenes visits to your chosen venues, ranging from museums to artist studios to collector homes
  • Receive expert guidance with any art purchases

  • Work with our Chief Curator and Event Designer to create your unique Jaunt
  • Enjoy an itinerary catered to your specific art and location preferences, informed by our own expert perspectives
  • All specific lodging, dining, and transportation requests will be accommodated
  • A variety of educational opportunities for extended families and groups are possible
  • Incorporate charitable elements into the costs of the trip or regarding specific programming

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