The opening of the Fall Art season in london

The rich history of London's art museums and galleries is matched only by the city's innovative contemporary art scene. This is your opportunity to experience it close-up, in the company of experts, during the Frieze Art Fair and the height of the all-important fall season. We will focus on the best the city has to offer, from insider experiences at Tate Modern and private collections to tours of galleries in influential neighborhoods such as Mayfair and the East End. You will also be accompanied at lunches, cocktails, and dinners by some of the fascinating luminaries London attracts, including artists, curators, collectors, and museum directors.

At a glance
  • A unique opportunity to learn from an experienced Art Educator
  • Visits to the homes of major collectors
  • In-studio visits with exciting contemporary artists
  • Conversations with museum directors and curators at the Tate Modern and The National Gallery
  • Visits to "must-see" exhibitions at influential galleries
  • Fabulous accommodations and meals

Frieze Week in London UK

  • Leadership by an experienced Art Educator, a dynamic and highly-educated expert in art history, contemporary art education, and art collecting
  • Luxury accommodations at a five-star hotel
  • Fine dining and cocktails at exciting London destinations
  • Kickoff summit, providing historical background on contemporary art in London and an overview of what will be seen on the trip
  • Exclusive visits to the homes of major collectors 
  • In-studio experiences with critically-acclaimed and world-renowned contemporary artists
  • Visits to institutions such as Tate Modern and The National Gallery to view influential and iconic works of modern and contemporary art, with opportunities to hear from museum directors and curators
  • Mayfair and North London/East End gallery district visits reflecting a curated selection of exhibitions, with a balance between emerging and established artists, and with opportunities to hear from gallery directors and curators
  • Lunches, cocktails, and dinners with influential art world figures, such as auction house specialists, curators, and artists 
  • An expert Artful Advisory team to help guide any interest you may have in purchasing works
  • The Artful digital dossier, supplementing your trip with information about all artists, venues, and individuals visited as well as expert tools and recommendations for further research, travel, and collecting

I like art but am not an expert. Will this trip be right for me?

Absolutely. Artful Jaunts are tailored to every level of aficionado—from expert collectors to those just starting out, there's something for everyone.

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