One of the Most Unusual, Unique, and Remote Contemporary Art Destinations in the United States

Visit the number-one "wishlist" art destination in the United States: the remote, fascinating town of Marfa, Texas. Popular with, among others, Beyoncé and, Matthew McConaughey, and Hollywood film scouts (it's where Giant and There Will Be Blood were filmed) it will leave you and your impression of contemporary art changed forever. The centerpiece of this pilgrimage is the Chinati Foundation. This former army base was converted by Donald Judd, one of the most influential American postwar artists, into a permanent sanctuary for his own work as well as the large-scale, experiential work of artists he was friends with and admired (among them Dan Flavin, Robert Irwin, Carl Andre, and Roni Horn.)

Also included are visits to other significant Marfa sites, such as Judd's home and studio, Elmgreen and Dragset's Prada Marfa, and Ballroom Marfa.

Our Marfa Jaunt is priced at $4,700 per person and includes all transportation, lodging, and meals during your trip. Our trips do not include flights to or from your destination.

  • A chance to expand your knowledge with the help of an experienced Art Educator
  • Full-day visit to the Chinati Foundation
  • Visits to other significant art sites in Marfa
  • Expert guidance for any art purchases you may wish to make
  • Luxury accommodations, fine dining, and cocktails

  • Leadership by an experienced Art Educator, a dynamic and highly-educated expert in art history, contemporary art education, and art collecting
  • Luxury accommodations
  • Fine dining and cocktails at exciting, art-connected Marfa dining destinations
  • Kickoff summit introducing the state of contemporary art in Texas. the story of Marfa, and an overview of what will be seen and why
  • Full day experience of the Chinati Foundation—with opportunities to hear from the foundation's curatorial team
  • An expert Artful Advisory team to help guide any interest you may have in purchasing works
  • Visits to other significant Marfa sites, such as Donald Judd's home and studio, Elmgreen and Dragset's Prada Marfa, and Ballroom Marfa.
  • Lunches, cocktails, and dinners with Marfa visionaries, including curators and artists
  • The Artful digital dossier, supplementing your trip with information about all artists, venues, and individuals visited, as well as expert tools and recommendations for further research, travel and collecting
  • Accommodations at the Hotel Saint George, a minimalist-inspired property in the heart of Marfa.
  • Entry to all studios and museums, including a guided tour of the former home and studio of artist Donald Judd.
  • All meals and cocktail programs from Friday morning until Sunday afternoon, closing with a seasonal brunch at James Beard-nominated Cochineal.
  • All transfers from your arrival on Wednesday until your departure on Sunday, including airport pick-up and drop-off.
  • All fees and gratuities, including baggage porter services.
  • Please note, flights are not provided with our programming.

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