December 11th, 2020

Each week, Artful spotlights an art experience or destination that speaks to us right now.

This December's edition of Art Basel Miami Beach was another casualty of 2020, but parts of the week's originally scheduled festivities have been adapted for online viewing. That includes Gagosian and Jeffrey Deitch's annual group show, normally displayed at the Moore Building in Miami's Design District. Although the energy of a boisterous opening night can't be served up via browser, the buzzy artist list and anticipatory theme of "The Future"—a sequel, perhaps, to last year's show "The Extreme Present"—are a welcome diversion from doomscrolling. Keep an eye out for Tauba Auerbach's "Heat Currents," infrared photographs that allude to the warming of the planet, and Nam June Paik's charmingly retro-futuristic "Bakelite Robot." (Through January 9).

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