An Intensive Dive into the New York City Contemporary Art Scene

Artful invites you for a weekend at the center of the contemporary art world—experience NYC as the experts do. Dive deep into the past, present, and future of the city which has been, since WWII, considered the heart of the contemporary art world, and fast-forward your understanding of contemporary art and what is happening right now.

Our full NYC Jaunt is priced at $4,200 per person and includes all transportation, lodging, and meals during your trip. Our trips do not include flights to or from your destination.

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We're excited to announce that our upcoming New York City jaunt is now also available to single-day attendees. For the first time, this new option allows guests to attend individual days of our multiple-day contemporary art experiences that are coupled with fine dining.

Choose between two experiences: Connoisseur (our premier level of experience, which offers exposure to top collectors and artists) or our Discover option (our introductory-level experience appealing to emerging collectors). As always, our intimate groups are limited to only fourteen people, and days will be filled on a first-come, first-served basis.

Connoisseur // Friday, October 8th

Artful invites you to visit the Tribeca home of Bernard Lumpkin, an internationally-renowned collector who supports emerging artists and focuses on works exploring Black identity. Afterward, we'll travel to the Brooklyn studio of Diana Al-Hadid, a critically-acclaimed Syrian-American artist known for ethereal large-scale sculptures that blend architecture and figuration. We will be joined for lunch by Adam Sheffer, Senior Sales Director at Lisson Gallery and former president of the Art Dealers Association of America, to speak about the current state and future of the art ecosystem. Enjoy dinner at Crown Shy, which earned Chef James Kent and his team a Michelin star just seven months after opening. Drawing upon the city's diverse cuisine, Chef Kent serves eclectic dishes inspired by his childhood growing up in downtown Manhattan.

Day One: $1,250 per person including transportation, lunch, and dinner. Daily pricing does not include lodging.

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Discover // Saturday, October 9th

Join us to visit our highly-curated selection of the most-discussed shows at top galleries in downtown New York City. We'll transport you from the Lower East Side to Tribeca to Chelsea, and allow you to be in direct conversation with local artists and influential gallery directors. During this time, you'll learn — from our expert Artful Educator and members of Artful's curatorial team — about current art market trends, such as NFTs, artists to watch, and the best resources and tools to use when building your collection. Alexander Wolf, Director at Gagosian, will join us for lunch to lead an incisive discussion on the upcoming art season with a special focus on navigating buying art online. We'll have dinner at Portale, whose chef, Alfred Portale, defined New American cuisine during his thirty-five-year tenure at the Gotham Bar and Grill.

Day Two: $900 per person including all transportation, lunch, and dinner. Daily pricing does not include lodging.

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  • An opportunity to expand your knowledge of art in the company of an experienced Art Educator
  • Visits to the newly-renovated MoMA and the Whitney Museum
  • Meetings with influential artists, curators, dealers, and collectors
  • Visits to the homes of major collectors
  • Expert counsel on any potential art purchases
  • Luxury accommodations, fine dining, and cocktail receptions
  • Our full-weekend experience includes visits to the newly-renovated MoMA and the Whitney Museum

  • Guidance from an experienced Art Educator, a dynamic and highly-educated expert in art history, contemporary art education, and art collecting
  • Luxury accommodations at a five-star hotel
  • Meals and cocktails at exciting and art-connected restaurants
  • Kickoff summit providing historical background on contemporary art in New York, with an overview of what will be seen
  • Exclusive visits to the homes of major collectors
  • In-studio experiences with critically-acclaimed and world-renowned contemporary artists
  • Visits to institutions such as the Museum of Modern Art and the Whitney Museum of American Art to view iconic works of modern and contemporary art, with opportunities to hear from museum directors and curators
  • Visits to a curated selection of current Chelsea and Lower East Side gallery shows, with a balance between big "must-see" shows and exhibitions of emerging artists—with opportunities to hear from gallery directors and curators
  • Lunches, cocktails, and dinners with influential art world figures, such as auction house specialists, curators, and artists
  • An expert Artful Advisory team to help guide any interest you may have in purchasing works 
  • The Artful digital dossier, supplementing your trip with information about all artists, venues, and individuals visited as well as expert tools and recommendations for further research, travel, and collecting
  • Accommodations at a chic five-star hotel.
  • Entry to all studios and museums, including the MoMA and The Whitney.
  • All meals and cocktail programs from Friday morning until Sunday afternoon, featuring a rooftop dinner overlooking the city skyline.
  • All transfers from your arrival on Thursday until your departure on Sunday, including airport pick-up and drop-off.
  • All fees and gratuities, including baggage porter services.
  • Please note, flights are not provided with our programming.

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