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Bespoke or Corporate Trip

Artful is available to create safe custom contemporary art-focused trips for families, friends, or corporate teams. Led by one of our experienced Art Educators, enjoy behind-the-scenes visits to your chosen venues, ranging from museums to artist studios to collector homes. Pricing is similar to all Artful Jaunts experiences.
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A unique blend of art, travel, and philanthropy

Unique Itineraries

Unique itineraries

Artful curates 3- and 4-day small group jaunts to some of the best art destinations in the world. Museums, collector's homes, art fairs, galleries, artists' studios—you'll experience them with the direction of an expert guide. 
Enriching experiences

Enriching experiences

Artful Jaunts unlocks some of the most exciting experiences the art world has to offer, with behind-the-scenes access to special works, exhibitions, and people, coupled with luxurious accommodations and fine dining.
Impactful Giving

Impactful giving

A significant portion of the proceeds from any art purchased on one of our Artful Jaunts goes to art- and sustainability-related nonprofits. We are also proud to be a pending B Corp that balances purpose and profit.

Artful Advisory

With Artful, you're not just building lifelong memories; you can also build your art collection or decorate your home. Whether you've been collecting for years or just starting out, your personal advisor can help guide you through every aspect of collecting works that speak to you—even after you have returned from your jaunt. We can help you purchase works at a gallery, auction or fair. We value your relationship and offer the kind of world-class advice and access typically reserved for a select few collectors.
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Artful Impact

Now more than ever, art matters. Artful Impact was established to help amplify art's philanthropic influence on our communities. Our charitable efforts directly support artists, museums, public installations, art education, as well as social justice and sustainability issues. We donate 33% of the revenue generated from art purchased on a jaunt to the Artful Impact Fund. Please take a moment to learn about some meaningful charities. We think you will agree they are making a significant difference.

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